What to do when a connection is lost while playing with a live dealer?
June 21, 2020

What to do when a connection is lost while playing with a live dealer?

By epoc

The huge popularity that online casino games have gained is accompanied by new trends. In recent years, wide communication channels allow you to manage your capital with a live witness-a live dealer who is on the other side of the table. A specially trained croupier adds an entourage.

If you decide to play with a live dealer, be prepared for a new experience if you have never played in a real casino outside of the Global network before. A very pleasant pastime can be spoiled by an unexpected break in communication. After all, even the high cost of Internet access does not guarantee good weather.

In roulette and baccarat, the connection is not so bad: without you, the money itself will not leave the account, and the client can use it again when they return. In addition, during the hand or spin, the player does not participate, but only acts as an interested witness. You can find out about the distribution result even after the connection is restored.

A break in the connection is definitely more of a problem if there was a game of blackjack going on. The participant takes the cards into the box on their own. But who will do it for him if the connection suddenly breaks? It’s an important question…

In fact, the situation is much worse: the virtual blackjack even allows you to pause while the random number generator is running. You can do this yourself if you suddenly want to take a NAP or drink tea. The same thing should happen automatically if there is a sudden loss of communication on at least one side. This happens very rarely on the part of powerful online casino servers, and clients are usually warned about preventive maintenance in advance.

Will the dealer wait for me?

However, a live dealer is a different matter. Experienced players of real casinos know that you can go to the toilet during the distribution of cards, the dealer will wait for you for the allotted time, and then make a pass for the player. The situation is similar in online casinos with live dealers. However, the waiting time is not so long and is usually limited to the standard waiting time.

What happens if you lose contact with a live dealer?

Since the other end of the line can’t know how fast the customer will do their business, they won’t wait long, of course. Be prepared for this, and it is best to clarify the rules in advance. What happens if you lose contact with a live dealer when betting at an online casino? Ideally, you should ask the support service about this.

What about live dealers?

It is possible that the answer will be the working conditions of a specific Studio that provides online casinos with live croupiers. Live dealers are usually hired through outsourcing under a contract with a Studio that has trained staff available. Some online casinos offer an automatic system in case of an unstable connection, which is able to finish the hand as well as you.