The basic rules for a successful and safe online casino game
May 31, 2020

The basic rules for a successful and safe online casino game

By epoc

When making a deposit in a casino, a player often hopes to win. And this is quite normal, but even if he is lucky, he will still have to try and stop in time to withdraw his winnings. By the way, this is the main problem of all avid players. When, it turns out, to increase your initial Deposit several times, for example, ten times, it is very difficult to stop playing. And this leads to a complete loss. Therefore, the rules for a successful game exist and you must adhere to them.

Why should I stop? This is a common question that is visited by players. After all, they think that once everything has turned out so well, then they will also be lucky and they will be able to win significantly more. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And it’s not just about luck.

If you played in an offline casino, you probably noticed that there are no Windows in such establishments, and there are no clocks? This is done in order to make the client play for a long time. It is in the duration of the game that the main secret of losing lies. Proven by smart people (scientists): the longer you play, the more you lose. And if you win, you will “merge” everything back. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule. Perhaps you will be just unimaginably lucky, and you will win in every slot. But we guarantee that if you do not stop, you will lose everything.

Another common problem is playing the same slot. We strongly recommend that you always change the slot machines during the game. Otherwise, you will lose.

Usually, the player’s state when he presses the spin button in one slot without restraint is called “stacking”. It is as if he is in a trance, in fact, this is a very close characteristic. The player does not control himself, because in his head there is only one thought: “now the slot will give or there will be a bonus, but he will definitely give.” And these thoughts just cloud his mind. The realization that it is time to stop comes only after the balance shows zero confidently.


If you are determined not only to play but also to win at an online casino, we recommend that you refuse bonus offers or significantly reduce your usage.

At first glance, it may seem unreasonable to refuse additional funds credited to the player’s balance. After all, the greater the balance, the greater the chance to win! Alas, these are all tricks. By actually activating the Deposit bonus, you force yourself to play longer. And as we have already noted, a long game is almost guaranteed to lead to a loss. The whole point is in such a characteristic of each bonus as-wagering.

Bonus wagering or wager is applied to all cash promos in online casinos. Example: the casino rules state that the bonus wager is X50. This means that the player will need to place bets for an amount 50 times higher than the bonus received. And believe me, it is very, very difficult! In addition, some casinos may offer bonuses with a wager from X70 to X100. This means that the player will definitely not be able to meet the wagering requirements. Well, as reinsurance, the casino limits the amount of bets that can be placed when playing with bonus funds.

How does the sticking process work?

Usually, you go into a slot and start playing, make a few spins, and they all turn out to be empty (without winning). Naturally, you do not understand what is happening and give yourself the option to spin until the winning streak and see how the slot plays.

What to do and how not to get stuck in the slot?

Like all geniuses, it’s simple. Place a maximum of 100 bids. If the slot is “playing” as they say, then at this distance it will show you this.

What are the limits?

In this case, we are not talking about withdrawal limits from an online casino. We suggest that you set a checksum of winnings for yourself, after reaching which you will stop playing and withdraw funds from the casino.