Online casino with instant money withdrawal
June 12, 2020

Online casino with instant money withdrawal

By epoc

For players whose goal is to earn money at the casino, it is very important not just to get a win, but also to be able to withdraw it without any problems. The best option is an online casino with instant money withdrawal, where you do not need to wait several days for the casino staff to check your application for payment of winnings, approve it, and the money will finally be transferred to your account.

Before looking for a casino with instant cash-out, you should consider one thing: in any gambling establishment, you will be asked to provide identification documents before the first payment. In some casinos, for the first withdrawal of funds, you will need to download, fill out and send back a special form with a personal signature confirming your identity, in others just a scanned copy of your passport. Without these preliminary actions, you will not be able to withdraw your earned money from the casino.

To quickly withdraw your winnings, you will have to once and for all abandon the casino where Microgaming gaming software is installed. Although this developer of casino software produces the most popular games, Microgaming-based gambling establishments have one unpleasant feature a guaranteed payment delay of 24 hours. In practice, this is done as follows: you make a request to withdraw money from your account, and the funds are actually debited almost immediately but they are still in the “base” of the casino for 24 hours, and only a day later the process of reviewing and approving your application begins. This feature is called Manual Flush in foreign casinos and is designed to allow a player who changes his mind about cashing out his winnings to request funds back to his account within 24 hours. There is no way to bypass or disable this feature it works by default in Microgaming casinos.

For instant withdrawal of winnings, look for a casino (if you play on foreign sites) with a minimum RT (Reverse Time) indicator, this indicator can be found by visiting any site with casino reviews. RT indicates how much time elapses between the execution of a withdrawal request and the start of processing this request. If the casino does not have RT at all, this is the best option, in this case, your request is processed immediately, automatically. But for some gambling establishments, this time period can be from 12 to 96 hours.

What about payment processing?

Payment processing does not depend on the features of the platform. In practice, this means that all requests for payments are either processed automatically (which allows you to withdraw money from the casino almost instantly) or the support service within a few hours.

What are the payment systems?

It is worth noting, however, that casinos with money withdrawal to Skrill and Neteller are usually foreign casinos: these payment systems are not always supported in domestic establishments. In addition, instant withdrawal to the casino does not mean that the player will be able to withdraw money from Skrill and get “hands-on” regular banknotes as quickly as possible.

What are fast payment methods?

In many ways, the speed of money transfer to your account from the casino account depends on the chosen payment method. The ideal option for those who appreciate speed is the Moneybookers (Skrill) and Neteller e-wallet systems: these systems cooperate with most major online casinos and winnings are credited to an account in one of these systems almost instantly.