Main reasons why you should play in an online casino
May 23, 2020

Main reasons why you should play in an online casino

By epoc

Perhaps many of us have already played land-based casinos and know what it is. However, the difference between playing in an online casino is very great. And the question arises, is it worth playing in an online casino at all? Someone will say that the atmosphere in online casinos is not the same at all. I agree, but the advantages are much greater. Here, in this article, I would like to write about the main six good reasons why you should choose an online casino.

Promotions and Bonuses

Naturally, in the first place, I will point out and compare the various “buns” that are given in the online and land-based casinos. A normal land-based casino may well have a loyalty club, give out and sell you chips at reduced rates. They can treat you to drinks and even food so that you do not get distracted from the process and do not spend extra money. In an online casino, no one will give you even a bottle of water: “go to the kitchen and pour yourself a drink.” However, they are willing to let you play for money that is twice or even three times your original balance.

In addition, in the online casino you will have the same loyalty club, various lotteries and tournaments will be held. Bonuses will be issued regularly and not once. Promotions are held daily, weekly, and monthly! Here you can be offered a bonus for nothing, no deposit, and in some casinos even for registration.

Huge selection of games

This is the second main reason why any of you would prefer an online land-based casino. Most land-based casinos simply offer games from one developer, perhaps two, and a limited number of them are available. Online casinos have hundreds of titles covering all areas of the gambling sector. In addition, do not forget that when you come to a land-based casino, there may be queues for a particular machine or table. And online, you can play almost always, at any time of the day or night, without delays and queues. And for those who want to feel the real game, there is a Live Casino section. In live games, you can sit at home and chat with dealers and other players directly, remotely being at the same table.

Play online casinos without having a lot of money

No matter how rich you are, finances always matter. If you are thinking about your usual trip to a local land-based casino, you are always thinking and weighing the costs of travel, food, and drinks. If you decide to go to Las Vegas or other luxury casinos, you will have to consider flights, hotels, and more. Costs can grow quite quickly. However, when playing at an online casino, you can leave all the money you have set aside for these expenses for the game, which will increase your bank.

When you play online, your only expenses are the money you use to place bets. However, you are not limited in any time frame. You can play once a day, once a week, or once a month. As your soul desires. In addition, the minimum amount of bets in land-based casinos is significantly higher than in online projects. Therefore, there is definitely no question about whether it is worth playing in an online casino, instead of going to a land-based club.

Honesty and probability of winning

Playing in land-based casinos, you can be sure that everything will be played as honestly as possible in table games. Especially if it is a casino that values its reputation. This means playing poker, blackjack, baccarat, and others. If you play at a licensed online casino, then you can also not worry about honesty. But in this case, the probability of winning will be considered by the machine.

But as for slots, it is better to give preference to online projects. In many land-based establishments, one-armed bandits have a very low rate of return, RTP. It is often not higher than 90%. Moreover, they can be artificially low (in dishonest casinos, which are not always easy to check and identify). As for online projects, everything is much more transparent. If you play licensed games, you can be sure that everything happens as honestly as possible.

Providers configure the RTP of their games by an average of 95%. At the same time, information about RTP is not hidden and is available in the public domain. The owners of the casino cannot affect the return of games in any way.