Blackjack vs video poker
June 23, 2020

Blackjack vs video poker

By epoc

Blackjack is one of the oldest types of card games. It was played by the Spanish explorers on their boats. As for video poker, this game has appeared relatively recently. In fact, it began to develop at the beginning of the XX century, but it became technologically possible only in the 1970s.

Video poker and blackjack have enough fans. They also have a lot in common. The first thing that comes to mind when comparing these two games is the advantages of a casino. Unlike roulette, it reaches 99.5% when playing correctly. In other casino games, this is almost impossible.

It should be recognized that both games are a tasty morsel for those who do not like to spend time in the casino thoughtlessly. Although it is not so difficult to master both games, you have to work hard to increase the percentage of possible winnings. In both cases, it is necessary to carefully control the bankroll, on which the final success of the enterprise depends.

Blackjack is famous for the fact that the advantage of the casino can be leveled thanks to the card account. Many well-known card counters, regardless of the dealer, have made a fortune over and over again by successfully mastering this art. However, in many cases, successful and competent players were barred from entering any Las Vegas establishment.

Strategically, blackjack is not a very variable game, unlike video poker. Here, the possibilities for changing tactics, even in the course of a long time spent at the slot, are quite large.

The online version of blackjack is more primitive in relation to players. Here, the possibilities for card counting are minimal, and, according to some professionals, they are not available at all. The payout ratio is usually small and is three chances against two.

What about payouts?

Here, the advantage is already on the side of video poker. Payouts start with a coefficient of 1:1, meaning that there is a probability that the bid will be returned. At the same time, straight or flash have much more preferred options for winning (odds of 4:1 and 6:1, respectively), and flash Royale at all involves an increase in the bet by 800 times!

What about temperamental customers?

It is obvious that players with a more restrained style of play prefer to kill time at blackjack, while more temperamental and risky casino customers spend their time on video poker. Blackjack may be more relevant in land-based casinos, but it may not bring the same benefits online.

What about higher payout ratios?

Video poker, as such, involves higher payout ratios, which means that risky players here enjoy greater privileges. If you sit down at the same time for blackjack and video poker of the same style of play, the second one will probably be faster in the black. On the other hand, he will lose faster if the game is not in his favor. The decision-making in any case is always yours.